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They may look identical and sound similar, but Jonathan and Joshua Fatu, better known as Jimmy and Jey Uso, could never be more different. Born and raised in a wrestling dynasty, Jimmy and Jey were destined for greatness. Growing up, they would always wrestle around the house, but on the outside, football was where they put most of their energy, playing until they graduated high school. Soon after high school, they wanted to learn the family business. On June 8, 2007, The Fatu Twins debuted in Milton, Florida. They got an even better chance when, one night, their uncle EKI, whom we all know as Umaga, told them that he was leaving for Houston tonight. This is what sealed their fate. They kissed their babies and took a 10-hour journey to Houston. On December 12, 2008, they made their professional wrestling debut as the Samoan Soldiers at the NWA Prime Time event, defeating Killer Instinct. Throughout the year 2009, they worked in Texas for Ring of Honor. Jey recently went back to Ring of Honor and talked about it as being home. Who knew that they’d be in the position they are in now?

In 2010, the Uso Brothers made their debut in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), and with their cousin, Sarona Snuka, as their manager, they went on to win the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship. They made their WWE Raw debut in May 2011, and their characters changed during the draft of the same year. They began performing the Siva Tau, a traditional Samoan war dance, and appeared on NXT Redemption and Friday Night Smackdown. In 2012, they unsuccessfully challenged for the WWE Tag Team Championship at Wrestlemania XXVIII and began using face paint to highlight their Samoan culture.

In 2014, The Usos began a winning streak and got a title match against The New Age Outlaws. They won the match on Monday Night Raw to become champions and defended them on the Wrestlemania XXX pre-show. They defended their titles for 202 days, dropping them to Goldust and Stardust at the Night of Champions. In 2016, they changed their style to a more street-oriented one. In 2017, they won the Smackdown Tag Team Championships, becoming the first to win both Raw and Smackdown titles.

Wrestlemania 34 was the light at the end of the tunnel that The Usos had been waiting on. They were finally past pre-shows and kickoffs; they made it to the big leagues by competing on the card for the first time in their careers. They would go on to lose in the triple threat match to The Bludgeon Brothers, but fans were just excited to finally see them get their moment. This reign lasted 182 days, setting a record for the longest Smackdown Tag Team Championship reign. This led The Usos to move through the division until  Survivor Series. They were the team captains of Smackdown, and they emerged as the sole survivors, giving Smackdown their only win at the event. Let’s move on to something that made a lot of people happy. Smackdown March 26 episode saw The Usos forfeit their match to longtime rivals The New Day. Why? They wanted to give Kofi Kingston a shot at a WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania. The WWE higher-ups tried punishing The Usos for it by putting them in a fatal four-way match, but they retained. But dropped the titles to The Hardys on April 9th. After a short feud with The Revival, The Usos were sidelined for the rest of the year. We will not go into why.


New beginnings saw The Usos return on the January 3, 2020 edition of Smackdown when they helped Roman Reigns fend off Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin. The Usos would go on to get title matches at Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania 36 but would be unsuccessful. Jimmy suffered a legitimate leg injury during the mania match, sidelining him with no set return. Where would this leave Jey? If history repeated itself, they’d both be off TV. Roman Reigns and Creative fired a cannon and called in an audible. Jey would enter the Bloodline storyline and never look back. September 4th saw Jey Uso replace Big E as he was injured. Jey won the fatal four-way match, earning him a title shot against Roman Reigns at the Night of Champions. During this, Jey was unsuccessful because his twin brother Jimmy made an appearance, throwing in the towel on Jey’s behalf. Jey then would have an “I Quit Hell in a Cell Match and lost again in the same fashion because Jimmy inserted himself in the match and was attacked by Roman, forcing Jey to say the words I quit. Soon after, Jey turned heel, aligning himself with Roman Reigns and officially joining The Bloodline. On April 9th of that year, Jey won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal match, making it his first singles accolade. Jimmy returned on May 7, and let’s just say this was a very stressful time for Jey as Jimmy and Roman were not seeing eye to eye. During Money in the Bank, The Usos went on to capture their 5th Smackdown Tag Team Championship. On January 16, 2022, the boys broke their own record of 182 days as the longest reigning tag team champions. May 20th saw The Usos, with outside interference from Roman Reigns, capture the Raw Tag Team Championships, unifying the belts in the process. This marked their third reign as Raw Tag Team Champions. On July 18, The Usos surpassed the 365-day reign and became the first team to hold the titles for a continuous year. On November 28th, they became the longest reigning tag champs in WWE history.

The year 2023 saw The Usos at the highest of highs, even allowing Sami Zayn to join the Bloodline, and very slowly dwindling to the lowest of lows. Yes, Sami Zayn was kicked out because he no longer wanted to do things the Bloodline way. Jey had just come around to being cool with Sami, and now it was all over. No one could ever imagine, after their Wrestlemania 39 loss to Owens and Zayn, that things could get worse. The Usos held the Smackdown titles for a record 622 days. Reigns started to ignore them and treat them differently. Jimmy even got kicked out of The Bloodline for costing Roman and Solo the tag titles at Night of Champions. Jey, on the other hand, was being bribed to join The Bloodline again by being given title matches, but Jimmy unintentionally cost Jey the match trying to save him from being attacked but ended up kicking him instead. The following week, Jimmy and Jey banded together and left The Bloodline. This would ignite a Bloodline Civil War, which The Usos won by Jey pinning Reigns. This was Reigns first pinfall loss since 2019. Summerslam would reignite Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso, but when Jey went for the pin, he was pulled out of the ring by a surprise: his own twin brother Jimmy. Jimmy went on to say that he did it so Jey wouldn’t turn into Roman. Jey didn’t take too well to that explanation and superkicked every member of The Bloodline. He then left with parting words. “Dueces, Uces”. After a few weeks, we saw Jimmy return in tow with a new theme, “Born A King”. Jey would soon get a phone call that would change his outlook. Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes invited Jey to Payback to announce that he was finally a member of Monday Night Raw. Fastlane approached, and Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes would win the undisputed titles. Shortly after losing them to Judgment Day. This reign would give Jey the highest distinction in the WWE by holding the Smackdown Tag Team Championship for the most cumulative days across his six reigns at 1,011 days. Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso got a rematch, but it was foiled thanks to interference by none other than Jimmy Uso.


The October 20 edition of Smackdown Jimmy Uso wanted to attack John Cena, but a masked person stopped his plans. Using the same tactics he used at Summerslam. The person was… Jey Uso. They brawled until Jey was given a fine by Nick Aldis and ejected from the arena. There would be an unexpected but amazing turn at the Royal Rumble. Jey Uso would enter as the number one entrant, while Jimmy Uso would come out as number 2. This was only a small glimpse of what was to come. The staredown had to be better than the blows they took at each other. Let’s point out that Jey still didn’t want to hit Jimmy, it seemed. but he also wanted to knock the YEET outta his ahh Jimmy lasted about 30 minutes or so, while Jey lasted closer to an hour. February 19th comes around, and Jimmy still isn’t fond of Jey getting title matches and interferes in the intercontinental match against GUNTHER. This did it for Jey. Jey would then challenge his brother to a match at Wrestlemania XL. To some, this match may just be another match. To some, it may not be worth the wait, but for the fans of The Usos, who have literally been down with them since ROW/FCW or even their debut with Tamina on Raw, this is EVERYTHING. We, as fans, had to endure preshows and kickoff shows. We had to endure Jimmy and Jey portraying what they thought we wanted to see. From “Hittin Hard in the Paint” to “Welcome to The Uso Penitentiary”. We knew The Usos had “IT.” Through several character changes, to becoming their own individual selves. This is who The Usos truly are. They are more than fraternal twins who look identical. People still can’t tell them a part. Yes, even after being on two separate brands, Jey has a mullet cut, and Jimmy has longer hair. Jimmy wears bloodline colors black and red, and Jey wears blue and black. People still get them mixed up. What is important now is that they both got the chance to become their own people. This match is more than brothers being fed up with each other; it is about creating their own legacies while keeping the family legacy alive. Twin vs. Twin (male) has NEVER been done before, and I can almost guarantee it won’t be done again. Who wins? Honestly, we don’t care; all we care about is that it’s their time to show what they are made of. So whether you are #TeamYEET or #TeamNOYEET, it doesn’t matter; just enjoy the ride.


By: Cameron Hawkins from The Ringer
Published November 22, 2023

Stephen King, the seminal horror writer and book-to-film juggernaut, was an event television mainstay throughout the late 20th century. Novels like Salem’s Lot and It were adapted for the screen, producing big-budget visuals for the King novels that readers had devoured over the years. One of the scariest, in both tone and execution, was The Langoliers. During a cross-country flight, nine passengers and the pilot awake to find that everyone else on the plane has gone missing. They land at a deserted airport and discover they’ve been displaced in space and time. Ultimately, the fear of the unknown coupled with losing their connection to the world would grab hold of these individuals.

While not as deliberately fantastic as The Langoliers, Jey Uso experienced a similar fear while working as a singles superstar for the first time in his WWE career three years ago. “Ain’t nobody on these flights, bro, it’s just me,” Jey remembers thinking. “Just like the song say, dog, it’s just me …” Jey’s twin brother, Jimmy, had just injured his knee in a Triple Threat ladder match at WrestleMania 36. The two had been a tag team for their entire WWE tenure, first appearing on Raw rocking braids and sweater vests. They represented the new generation of Samoan wrestlers: college educated, hip to the business, and ready to take over. Throughout their run, they’d avoided the injury bug better than most. But in April 2020, the Usos would see a twofold separation—between WWE’s crowds from the company’s events, and the split of the longest-tenured team in WWE history. “That was Jimmy’s first real surgery ever,” Jey shares, reflecting on how he was the more injury-prone brother growing up. Jey lost his tag partner and travel partner, flying out to Florida weekly on bare-cabin flights. “I’m the only one catching flights,” Jey explains, with travel restrictions being enforced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “There’s like six people a flight. So it was intense, man. No one knew what was going on, man. All I knew was this, bro. I played my position, and I did what I was told.”

Jey assumed the role of co-pilot to Roman Reigns’s burgeoning dynasty during the latter’s Undisputed WWE Universal Championship run. In September 2020, Jey won a no. 1 contender’s match to challenge his cousin Roman at WWE Clash of Champions. Jimmy would return that night during the match to throw in the towel, pleading with Roman to spare Jey from potential injury. Jey received a second chance against Roman at Hell in a Cell, once again losing in a brutal, emotional, all-around fantastic match. But the real victory was Jey learning to reinvent himself in a foreign environment. “There’s no crowd. You feel me?” Jey explains, describing WWE’s ThunderDome era of pandemic programming. “So now, we done changed the game to where everything was all character-based. It was all emotion. I didn’t need a crowd. We putting on the TV show right now. And once that clicked with me, man, I just caught on at a different level.”

It helped that Jey was under the tutelage of two of the best in the game: his cousin Roman, who had finally combined his talent with his potential as the uber-confident “Tribal Chief,” and Roman’s head advisor, photographer-turned-manager-turned-promoter-turned-advocate to the stars Paul Heyman. Jey was eager to learn a new trade, even if he was working with the same set of tools. He didn’t have Jimmy beside him sharing promo and in-ring duties, but he had two top minds getting him up to speed. “That whole pandemic. I learned how to cut promos,” Jey confesses. “[Roman] taught me a whole lot, and he made me a bigger star than what I appeared.”

That singles run was a test. Jey passed with flying colors, but once Jimmy returned from injury, the Usos reunited, becoming Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions and joining their cousin to form the Bloodline faction. Jimmy and Jey would flank Roman as his heavies while reestablishing themselves as WWE’s premier tag team. [Jey and Jimmy’s younger brother, Solo Sikoa, would join the Bloodline in September.] In 2022 specifically, the Usos, like Roman, perfected the balance of elevating their division while maintaining their hold on the top prize. But you’d start to see differences in Jey’s appearance: he adopted a mullet hairstyle and cut his shirts to expose his abs, but more importantly, he was more defiant of the Tribal Chief’s direction. Soon, the group would adopt an outsider: the supremely talented, stunningly comedic Sami Zayn. Sami would cause Jey visible migraines, but would often be so opposingly funny in serious moments that the group, known for their timing and balance, would regularly break character. He was marshmallows on the yams; you don’t know how much sweeter a perfect thing can be until you bake it. “[Sami’s] the man,” Jey exclaims. “Bloodline was so dark all the time, you feel me? Like, we was just mad all the time, beating up everybody. When Sami Zayn came in, he elevated that. That acting, that entertainment part came out of all of us. The cool part about that was, man, he had different relationships [with] each character, and you can tell that through the TV screen.” Jey clearly understands what Sami added to the Bloodline at the time, plainly stating, “there’s no Bloodline without Sami Zayn, man. That’s a fact.”

Sami would prove to be the catalyst for the “Main Event” run Jey is currently on. Sami’s excommunication from the Bloodline for protecting his longtime friend Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble in January 2023 saw Jey conflicted, as Sami had proved his loyalty time and time again. Sami and Kevin would ultimately end the Usos’s record-breaking tag title streak during the first night of WrestleMania 39, which soon led to the Bloodline’s implosion. The inner turmoil led to Jey receiving his first world title shot in front of a live crowd, challenging Reigns at this year’s SummerSlam. With everything Jey learned over the last three years, it wasn’t until he walked out for that match that he realized he could be accepted as a solo act. “It was my first time in my gear, like my merch shirt,” Jey remembers, explaining that he felt it when he started rocking with the crowd to his theme. “That’s when I knew. I think that’s the first time I was kind of like, ‘Yo, I think they with me.’” Jey lost the match due to interference from his brother Jimmy, a move that ended with Jey leaving the Bloodline and taking his talents to Raw. Jey now has all the momentum of a new star, almost 15 years into a career he never imagined without Jimmy by his side. Entering his second consecutive WarGames match at Survivor Series, he’ll once again be alongside Sami, but he’ll also have World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Raw frontman Cody Rhodes, and a returning Randy Orton versus the Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre. “I might lean on Sami more than anything in there,” Jey says. “I feel like we kind of know we’re the closest in there right now.”

With the tires kicked and fires lit on his singles path, Jey is still very much invested in what he, his twin brother, and their entire family have built. He watched his father, WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, reinvent himself multiple times over his career, and that arc and his advice have made Jey’s transition easier. “My dad was the smartest man on the business side,” Jey declares. “He’s the one who always said ‘adapt.’ He’s the one who said, ‘change the game if you run it back, Uce.’” Jey breaks down his father’s evolution over the years, from the Headshrinkers to the more street-savvy Fatu character to working as the Sultan in a four-year time span. It’s easy to see where Jey got his adaptability from. “I got that from my dad, right. He says, enjoy it. Enjoy this ride. ‘Enjoy this ride, son, because it’s going to come to a stop one day,’ and I just make sure. Bruh, I used to be tired sometimes.”

Rikishi instilled his grind mentality in the Usos, who moved like no one before them. That grind, those miles, that desire is why, even while they’re apart, Jey feels it won’t be the last time they show the world why they’re at the top of so many all-time lists. And if there’s any doubt on who Jey would like to see the Usos battle to maintain that position, it would appear that Jey may be keeping a list. “FTR is top tier,” Jey says of the AEW pair, before mentioning the Guerillas of Destiny in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and “missing the boat” on a Hardy Boyz bout on SmackDown. That said, Jey wants to make one thing clear for any tag team wanting to make it happen. “If you all want these dream matches, you all going to have to bring your ass to WWE, dog, to the top tier. You all going to have to come. Where we at ain’t dropping down,” Jey states. “Young Bucks, everybody, like, bring it, dog. Run it. We the ones for a reason, and I mean that. I stand on that, bro. We the best tag team in the world. And if you want to get detailed with it, I’m talking about on the microphone, the way we dress, the way the gear look, the way we carry ourselves, the swag, the ink, everything. The hair, the grills, the earrings, the chain. All that’s real, Uce. All that is real.”

As the Thanksgiving travel season trudges on, those once-empty airports are populated once more. The fear that used to occupy Jey’s mind, that fear of being alone, is replaced by crowds chanting his name and dancing with him. Where he once wasn’t sure what part he’d play in the grand scheme of WWE, Jey’s now more focused on stealing the whole show, and his eyes are on the prize. “I want my first one. It ain’t even the big one. I want that IC title,” Jey says, calling it no. 1 on his to-do list while calling out the brute currently holding the Intercontinental championship. “My dad held it, Umaga held it. Shawn Michaels and all the greats, man. I want that. Gunther gonna have to damn run that.”

Jey is ensuring that being the deserving recipient of an impossible promotion 15 years in his career won’t go to his head while keeping those Air Force 1-protected feet on the ground. “I would have bad thoughts,” Jey shares. “I just turned 38. I still feel prime-time, Uce. I still feel young in my brain, my body. I’m still good. I’m ready to go, but I’m on the end of the career. Fifteen years is a good little stretch, man. I never thought we’d be running it like this, never in a million years, and let alone with my brothers and my cousin. Sometimes, it don’t even feel like work.”

Original Post has been credited to @CeeHawk of The Ringer
The Ringer


By Carl Lamarre

11/21/2023 (Billboard)

“Ay, Carl, you need me to Superkick your ass, too?” snarls WWE superstar Jey Uso.

While the invite seems tempting, I back down, knowing Jey is a trigger-happy wrestler who revels in unexpected kicks to the chin and top turnbuckle splashes. The swaggering athlete isn’t just a nine-time WWE tag-team champion but a lyrical obliterator on the mic.

He and his twin brother, Jimmy Uso, arguably have not only one of the best WWE entrances of all time, courtesy of their song “Day One Ish,” but also a history of decimating their peers in freestyle battles. In 2017, the Usos chewed out The New Day in a lyrical skirmish during Monday Night Raw. Hosted by Wale, Jey, and Jimmy savored the opportunity of skewering the New Day with their menacing bars. According to Jey, he and his brother’s love for penning raps came during their high school days. They would freestyle for their friends in the cafeteria and in return, received “oohs” and “aahs” for their steely efforts.

“I knew at the freestyle battle that they didn’t know we would come the way we did. They were doing some nursery rhymes over there,” Jey remembers about the classic 2017 battle against the New Day. “I knew we wanted them to be like, ‘What is going on here, dog?’ Let alone on national TV. Hell yeah, we gonna fire it up.”

Fast forward, Uso is now one of the most popular wrestlers in the business. After being embroiled in a three-year saga with his cousin, WWE undisputed champion Roman Reigns, Jey departed from WWE’s highly touted faction, The Bloodline, to live out his dreams as “Main Event Jey Uso.” Now, on his solo expedition, Jey has his own new WWE entrance theme, which remixes the bombastic original “Day One Ish.” The new song, “Main Event Ish,” symbolizes Jey’s lone wolf status, as he howls, “It’s just me Uce. Day one ish. It’s just me Uce,” on the hook.”

With dreams of overtaking Gunther, the WWE’s longest-reigning intercontinental champion, and fighting his brother Jimmy at the Super Bowl of all wrestling events, Wrestlemania, Jey has no issue superkicking anyone on his way to the top.

Billboard spoke to Jey about his love for Nipsey Hussle, wanting to invite Sexxy Red to a WWE show, why Kodak Black is his spirit animal, and recording his new entrance song “Main Event Ish.”

Big E did an interview a couple of years ago and he was like, “You guys were so good at rapping, you could drop an EP.” If Jey Uso was gonna drop a rap EP, who are the three people you’re calling up for features?

J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and T-Pain.

Why those three?

J. Cole is Cole and Kendrick is Kendrick. T-Pain, we grew up in Pensacola, Florida down the street from Tallahassee in the early 2000s. T-Pain was slapping. We used to ride out to Panama City Beach playing his hits before football games. It’s Florida boy all day.

What music are you listening to get pumped for your match-ups?

Nipsey Hussle, man. He be putting me in the zone. J. Cole is my favorite. I ain’t never been to no concerts, but if I ever get to go to a J. Cole concert, I’m in there. 2Pac, Jay-Z. We in there. I got a playlist all the way to damn Britney Spears. We got range over here.

Who would you say is the Jey Uso of the rap game?

I don’t even put myself up like that because I’m hustling trying to find myself. If I had to pick somebody, Kodak Black. He really be making noise out there, but he really don’t be. He’s trying to find his way out there just like me.

Talk about how the original “Day One Ish” song came about with your brother Jimmy.

After we turned heel, I knew we had to get away from all the colors. We’re dropping all the facepaint, we’re just going black-and-white. At the time, nobody was wearing white boots at all. We at the mall. Damn Champs got one and the other half-off type of stuff. We got these black joggers and this black hoodie with the white Forces. In the middle of the mall, where they put the logo on your shirts. We sitting on there, “What we gon’ put on this s–t?” My brother’s like, “I don’t know, man. Some Day One S–t?” We can’t say s–t but what about ish? You know how they blank it out on the rap records. “Day One Ish, uce.”

So it really means “Day One S–t.” We put that on a hoodie and we wore it on TV and it stuck since. Some “Day One Ish” from then on. We got in the booth and they wanted us to have new music. We had these two younger cats that came up with the hook, “Down since Day One Ish.” We was just ad-libbing on the track and they let us flow. First couple times we was held back, but then we got warmed up and started yelling and hitting it. We were damn near sweating in the booth.

What was it like re-recording your new entrance music solo? What was that energy like?

I went back to New York. They wanted to take Jimmy off the original. The Usos and the Uso Penitentiary – take all that out. I’m like, “Fly me over there, let me see if I can re-do it.” They wanted to keep the “Day One Ish, [and] line ‘em all up.” I could keep all that, but I needed a damn switch for that beginning part. I’m in there with another young homie. He’s like trying to help me find the rhythm. He goes, “It’s just you now.” I go, “Yeah, it is. It’s just me on the track.”

Then I started like, “It is just me in this b–-ch.” It’s my turn. I started getting in that mindset. I was like, “Main Event Jey Uso is now in yo city!” I started yelling on there, and he’s plugging it in. Taking the old parts out and plugging in the new s–t. The beats were a little more tweaked. Other than that, I kept it to when I get on the turnbuckle — this part right here, no lyrics. This just needs to be the beat. This is where the hip-hop hooray handwave or whatever you wanna call it comes from. I wanted to incorporate the audience into it. It will make you say, “Ay.” I wanted to bleep all the lyrics out and just have the people getting involved here. Every second of that theme is timed to as soon as I hit the turnbuckle, they’re there with me. All timing, dog.

Did you see the Sexyy Red “SkeeYee” mash-up? What were your thoughts? I know she said she wants to pull up for a show.

First off, I was like, “No way, dog! She out here responding?” Then, I see her in a controversy and I don’t give a damn. Us too, who cares? Let’s get these numbers in with her. She’s still down and said she’s never came to a wrestling live event, a PLE, TV taping. If you hear this, [Sexyy,] you’ll be my VIP guest around here, girl. You can come out with me and help me sing my theme song. We gon’ have to change that red to blue though!

I think it’s dope entertainers are pivoting into wrestling whether it’s Bad Bunny or Logan Paul. Who’s the next athlete or entertainer you’d like to see step into the ring?

First one that comes to mind is Conor McGregor. He’s kinda been tip-toeing around us a little bit. He’s had interactions with a couple of us, but never fully got in here. I’d like to see what he’s about. I love Shaquille O’Neal, so I personally think about LeBron James and I know he’s a huge fan. Let’s run it. They can all catch this Superkick though. Sexyy Red can get her ass Superkicked too!

Thanksgiving is coming up, and I’m concerned how the house gonna be with you, Solo, Jimmy and your dad Rikishi. Talk about what that dynamic’s gonna be like.

Ay, Carl, ain’t nobody coming to my house for Thanksgiving except my dad. That’s the only one. I’ma fly him down. Last year, I fried a turkey and everybody ate that. I’m frying three turkeys this year. It’s going down. As far as Solo and Jimmy, y’all take your asses home and stay somewhere. Especially Solo, he’s over there tripping.

What does an ideal singles run look like for Jey Uso?

The first singles championship on the top of my list is the IC [Intercontinental Championship] title. Gunther gonna have to run that. Everybody over there. He likes the Tribal Chief, you see what I do to the Tribal Chief? I don’t give a damn, let’s run that. My dad was an IC champion, my uncle, Umaga IC champion. Shawn Michaels. My favorite wrestler, the greatest, Razor Ramon. All the greats held the Intercontinental Championship and I’m trying to get that. That’s Pay-Per-View material right there.

You and your brother Jimmy had the conversation of what a Wrestlemania match-up would look like. With Wrestlemania 40, do you have in mind who’d you want to fight on that stage?

Right now, I feel like Jimmy’s at the top of the list. He’s gotta get this work. He’s still ducking me right now. He knows what it is. If I could talk from Josh and me, it’s my dream match. If this does happen, I’d be so grateful and happy. I would just look at him like look what we doing. Look at this! Those are special moments in the ring that nobody in the world knows. When we did the Money in the Bank with Roman [Reigns] and Solo, I was just looking at them getting a little teary-eyed like, “Look at us.” That would go down as the No. 1 moment in my career if I get to wrestle with Jimmy in the sold-out Philadelphia in front of friends and family. And I’d beat his ass. If I could pick someone else, I’d probably wanna run it one time with Seth Rollins for that championship. He’s a GOAT. He’s a beast and got my respect. He’s been holding down Monday Night RAW forever. I’m with it.