The Uso Twinz

The Usos are eight time tag team champions who after a 14 year career have earned their way to the top. They have gone from not getting TV time to being in the main event of Wrestlemania. Jimmy and Jey Uso whose real names are Jonathan and Joshua Fatu have been in the WWE for 14 years and have not looked back since. They have gone through several character development changes, but no one was ready for the ultimate twin betrayal that happened at Summerslam when Jimmy returned to cost his brother the Tribal Combat victory. This wasn’t the first time Jimmy interfered in Jey’s match. Jey began a feud with Roman back in 2020 and after he lost against him for the final time, Jey was forced to join Roman in what is known as The Bloodline. A family led group which took over the WWE for three years. During that time, Jey won big and he owed it all to Roman. When it comes to Jey, Jey gained momentum in 2020 after a knee injury sidelined his twin brother Jimmy. Instead of Jey settling for the courtesy commentators job, he worked his single career in what one can easily say is the greatest rise to the main event. Although Jey did have the help of his cousin Roman Reigns. He went on to win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and had the chance to face Roman Reigns in several main events, garnering him the moniker “Main Event Jey Uso”. With any rise to the top, there are those bullseyes. Who would have thought it would be his own twin. Jimmy Uso came back with a chip on his shoulder. He saw all of the main highlights that his brother was getting and on his return seemed to want it more. He didn’t come out and say just that, he made it seem as though he loved his brother and was trying to protect him. Jey didn’t take to kindly to his brother interfering in his business. If we look back, every single time Jimmy interfered in his brothers matches, it did more harm than good. Does Jimmy really have his brother’s best interest in mind or is he really jealous of the success Jey has had and he wants it on his own. On a Friday Night Smackdown, Jey seemed to quit The Bloodline, Smackdown and the entire WWE. Jimmy seemingly moved on from his family drama and reinvented himself into the bad boy of Smackdown. On the Labor Day edition of Monday Night Raw, Jey Uso made his solo debut and ruffled a few feathers. Now that the twins are seperated, let’s see if we will get the brother versus brother wrestlemania match.