Roman’s music hits and out he comes with Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman. Roman points at Solo and Solo gets in the ring. Solo with a right hand onto LA Knight and he throws him to the outside. Roman and Jimmy stomp onto AJ Styles and Randy Orton in the ring. Orton rolls to the outside. Solo grabs the steel steps and he hits Orton with them. Roman hits AJ with a powerbomb and he throws AJ to the outside of the ring. Jimmy and Solo throw LA Knight back into the ring. Roman hits LA Knight with a Superman Punch. Roman runs to the ropes and hits him with a spear. Jimmy throws Orton into the ring and Roman hits him with a spear and Solo with a Samoan Spike. Nick Aldis grabs Heyman and tells him congratulations because it’s a fatal four way match against the three of them at the Royal Rumble. Aldis walks away as the show fades to black.