Kofi Kingston makes his entrance. He’s soon followed by “Main Event” Jey Uso. Jey gets the crowd thumping. They’ll face Imperium next.

Tag Team Match
Kofi Kingston and “Main Event” Jey Uso vs. Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci)

Kofi Kingston will start against Giovanni Vinci. Vinci quickly applies a hammerlock before wrenching the arm. Kingston twists out and takes him down before connecting with a big splash for a two-count. Vinci quickly knees him, but he has a whip into the ropes reversed on him. Vinci ducks a clothesline and absolutely clobbers Kingston with a running cross-body block. Vinci forearms Kingston’s chest in the corner and tags in Ludwig Kaiser. Kingston fights out of the corner, but Kaiser knees him in the midsection to keep him down. Kaiser whips Kingston to the corner, but Kingston knocks Vinci off the apron. Kingston tries to boot Kaiser, but Kaiser blocks it and attacks him. Kaiser taunts the crowd and stomps Kingston in the corner. Kaiser sends him to the opposite corner, but Kingston springboards off the middle turnbuckle with a twisting missile dropkick. Kaiser quickly rolls out of the ring to recover. Kingston hits the ropes for a dive, but Vinci sweeps the feet. Kaiser sends Kingston shoulder-first into the ring post. Vinci tags in. Imperium sandwiches Kingston in the corner with dual dropkicks.

-Commercial Break-

Picture-in-Picture Commercial Break: Vinci whips Kingston into the barricade and gets him into the ring. Kingston fights back, but Vinci shoves him into the ropes for a big spinebuster. Kaiser tags in and hits the ropes for a penalty kick. Kaiser uses his boots to rake the eyes. Kaiser taunts Jey Uso, who is watching on helplessly from the apron. Kaiser avalanches Kingston in the corner and hits a head-and-arm suplex. Kaiser dances around the ring and peppers Kingston with strikes. Kingston starts to punch back and reaches for a tag, but Kaiser holds him back. Kaiser pulls Kingston back and taunts Jey. Vinci tags in and connects with a guillotine catapult into the bottom rope for a two-count.

Back from the break, Vinci hits a few quick kicks to Kingston. Kingston fights back and reverses a whip to the corner. Vinci scales the ropes and dives for a cross-body, but Kingston dropkicks him out of mid-air. The “YEET” chants are picking up. Kingston crawls over and reaches to make the tag to Jey Uso!

Jey hits the ring, but the referee steps up to him. The bell rings to end the match!

Winners by Referee Stoppage: Kofi Kingston and “Main Event” Jey Uso

A WWE doctor is in the ring and is checking on Giovanni Vinci, who is down in the ring. Jey does not look happy. Everyone is walking around the ring, not sure what to do. Michael Cole and Wade Barrett put over the health and well-being of the WWE Superstars.

The good news is Giovanni Vinci was able to walk off under his own power. He was holding the back of his head. Replays of the dropkick out of mid-air show a boot connecting to Vinci’s jaw and a rough landing.