Jimmy Uso has had his fair share of bad luck since his twin brother and tag team partner Jey Uso left The Bloodline and SmackDown in search of a brand new journey on Monday Night Raw. Jimmy still had a brother on his side though, Solo Sikoa. The two have been trying to keep the family on top during Roman’s noticeable absence. Now with a returning viper freshly signed to SmackDown looking for retribution, Jimmy has to find a way to send the viper cowering as they go head to head tonight. Also, we have to keep in mind, Roman Reigns makes his long awaited return tonight. What will he have to say tonight with all of the drama that’s been happening? What will his reaction be to the downfall of The Bloodline?

SmackDown Coverage

WWE SmackDown kicks off with Roman’s music hitting and out comes Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. Michael Cole mentions that Roman has been champion for 1202 days. We see clips of last week’s tag team match main event where Randy Orton and LA Knight got the win against Jimmy Uso and Solo.

Roman tells Green Bay to acknowledge him and the fans put their fingers in the air and point to the sky. Roman tells them to shut their mouths. He said he would not have done that if they would have kept the boos down. He says it’s the Christmas season, it’s the holidays, he is here to celebrate. It’s promotion season because he is a good boss. He is a fair Tribal Chief. When someone is doing good, we let them know. When someone is doing bad, they smash them but that’s not tonight. And tonight is about one man, he has bent overt backwards, sacrificed everything, this man understands what it means to keep the family at the top of the mountain.

And if something happens to him, this person is the next in line. We see Jimmy smiling behind Roman. The fans chant “Randy” and Roman looks at the crowd. Roman says this isn’t for Randy Orton, this man is going to be responsible for the Bloodline. This is the next Tribal Chief. Roman tells Jimmy to join him in congratulating his brother, Solo. Jimmy looks around and Roman hugs Solo and tells him he loves him.

Randy Orton’s music hits and out he comes to the ring.

Back from commercial, Orton gets in the ring and the fans chant “Randy”. He says for 18 months, he has been thinking about this moment. About what he is going to do, what he is going to say but the only thing he really needs to tell Roman is that he is coming for him. He took 18 months from him, he is going to take everything away from him and he doesn’t care which one of his family members he has to go through to get the job done.

Randy tells Roman it starts tonight, it ends at the Royal Rumble because he is challenging Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship. The fans chant “RKO” and Roman looks at the crowd.

Roman says by the sounds of the fans, it sounds like Orton deserves it. Roman says Orton was thinking about this for 18 months but Roman has not thought about him at all. He has been gone for 18 months, he has not done anything to earn this opportunity and he does not deserve this opportunity and he can go to the back of the line where he belongs. He says everyone wants to hang with the Tribal Chief but that’s not how it works. He tells Orton to do what he does which is to tap into that dumb head of his and to listen to that voice. He says it’s not 2007, he is head and shoulders above him and everyone else. He tells Randy if he has a match with him, he won’t be away for 18 months, it will be retirement because he is never coming back.

Randy says maybe Roman is right. He is looking in the eyes of the Tribal Chief and he can see that Roman has changed for the better. He is no longer just a historical Champion, he is a legend. Orton tells Roman that he has changed too. He has evolved but the one thing Randy Orton will forever be is a legend killer.

Orton goes to RKO Roman but Roman gets out of it. Orton tells Roman maybe he should start thinking about him. Orton points to his ear and says he is getting something from the voices of his head and they are telling him that Roman might have just crapped his pants. And they also said that “daddy’s back”. Orton throws the microphone and leaves the ring.

We cut to the announce team who mention that Randy Orton will go up against Jimmy Uso tonight.
We cut to the back and Roman Reigns is sitting in his locker room. He says tonight was supposed to be a celebration and Orton ruined Solo’s moment. He asks Jimmy is he saw it and Jimmy says he saw it. Roman says someone should silence Orton. Jimmy says he can do it but it sounds like a job for the Tribal Heir. Roman says it’s promotion season. If he can silence Orton alone, this could be big for him. He asks Jimmy if he understands and Jimmy says “Yeeet”. Roman looks at him and Jimmy tells him “No Yeeet”.

We cut to the back. Jimmy and Solo are along and Jimmy tells Solo that Roman and Heyman have been talking for longer than usual and it does not feel right. He tells Solo it feels like a set up. He asks Solo if he would tell him if something were to happen to him. Solo tells Jimmy he is his brother.

Randy Orton vs. Jimmy Uso

The bell rings and we are under way. Orton with right hands and he throws Jimmy in the corner. Right hands by Orton. He throws Jimmy onto the ring apron and goes for a DDT but Jimmy drops to the outside.

Back from commercial, Orton slams Jimmy onto the announce table. Orton throws Jimmy back into the ring. He goes for the cover but Jimmy kicks out. Orton with an arm bar but Jimmy with a headbutt. Jimmy runs towards Orton but Orton with an elbow to the face. He place Jimmy in the corner and Orton with right hands. Orton stomps on Jimmy. He throws Jimmy to the ropes but Jimmy with a spinning kick to the head. Jimmy with right hands. He goes for the cover but Orton kicks out. Jimmy gets Orton in the corner. Jimmy climbs the second rope and hits Orton with right hands. He goes for more right hands but Orton with a thumb to the eye. He throws Jimmy onto the ring apron. He goes for the DDT but Jimmy throws Orton over the top rope and onto the outside.

Back from commercial, Orton with a clothesline and a bodyslam. Jimmy rolls onto the ring apron and Orton grabs him but Jimmy hangs him up on the top rope. Jimmy is about to get in the ring but Orton kicks him. Orton with a DDT. Orton is about to go for the RKO but Solo Sikoa’s music hits and out comes Solo. LA Knight’s music hits and out he comes. LA Knight throws Solo into the barricade. Jimmy grabs Orton in the ring but Orton hits him with the RKO. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Randy Orton

LA Knight and Orton stare at each other and LA Knight tells Orton he knows why he got that win. He says he knew they were coming. Roman attacks LA Knight from behind on the outside. He and Orton stare at each other.

The fans chant “Randy” and Roman looks at the crowd. Roman gets in the ring and both men with right hands. Jimmy hits Orton from behind and they double team Orton. LA Knight gets in the ring and he hits Roman from behind. In comes Solo and he attacks LA Knight from behind. They team up against Orton and LA Knight.

AJ Styles returns to SmackDown. We hear his music and Roman looks at the ramp but AJ Styles shows up on the ring apron. He hits Roman with the Phenomenal Forearm. AJ Styles, Randy Orton and LA Knight attack the Bloodline and the Bloodline roll to the outside as AJ’s music hits.

AJ grabs LA Knight from behind and he hits him with a clothesline. Orton stares at AJ confused. AJ leaves the ring and walks towards the Bloodline. He walks passed them and leaves with everyone looking at AJ Styles who leaves.