This year’s Royal Rumble is set to be one for the ages. Who pulled the lucky number 1? Who will be in at number 30. The Rumble has had its fair share of controversy as well as a lot of laughable moments. This year it is no different but superstars from all three brands will have their time to shine during the match. Also this year is set to have a few huge returns. Who will return and make a huge impact in the outcome of the match.

After 10 years of not being picked for the Rumble, Jimmy and Jey finally are getting their time to shine in the match. This comes after Jey ventured away from the Bloodline and made his way onto Monday Night Raw. While there, he has made a name for himself by going toe to toe with the greats and even capturing the Undisputed Tag Team Championships with partner Cody Rhodes. Jimmy has remained a faithful member of the Bloodline and followed to a T the orders the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns sends his way. He has no desire or will to stray from the Bloodline anytime soon. Tonight during the Royal Rumble match, we have the chance to see the start of what can become one of the best clashes in WWE history between twin brothers. Who will go further in the match Jey’s #YEET or Jimmy’s #NOYEET?

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

No. 1: “Main Event” Jey Uso

No. 2: Jimmy Uso

The two brothers stare at each other and sneer. Jimmy famously cost Jey his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match at SummerSlam. Jimmy also cost Jey and Cody Rhodes the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship to the Judgment Day. They go face-to-face in the ring, and the crowd is buzzing. They exchange punches. With each punch Jey throws, the crowd shouts, “YEET!” Jey punches Jimmy over the top rope, but Jimmy holds on. Jimmy kicks him back and gets out of a Samoan Drop. Jey avoids an enzuigiri and superkicks his brother down. Jey goes to the top rope for an Uso Splash, but Jimmy gets the knees up. The clock starts to count down.

Both brothers put on an amazing feat during the match. Jimmy had his moments where he had his gimmicks, and Jey had an amazing show. Jimmy ended up lasting over 30 minutes, while Jey fought for over 50 minutes. Both brothers can definitely say they have come a long way and there is more to come. Will we see brother vs brother?