The Usos have bowed down to Roman Reigns orders for almost three years now. They have become tired of the degrading disrespectful antics that Roman has put them through. Forcing them to fight his battles, to ensuing verbal beat downs when things don’t go his way. The family ancestors have called for them to figure things out. This calls for a Civil War. Here are highlights from what went down.

The Usos def. Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa in The Bloodline Civil War

With the battlelines drawn and The Bloodline Civil War in full effect, Jimmy and Jey Uso walked out of London as the victors in the battle amongst family.

The London crowd was unkind to the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, but that didn’t stop Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa from inflicting an incredible amount of pain onto their former Bloodline teammates.

As The Usos battled Reigns, the referee inadvertently got hit and caused the match to be without an official. Moments later with the referee back in the match, Reigns and Sikoa combined to hit Jey with a Spear/Samoan Spike combo, but both Usos kicked out after Reigns stacked them.

After Sikoa crashed through a table, Reigns was all alone, and The Usos took advantage by using their incredible tandem offense. After a flurry of moves, Jey soared through the London skies with an Uso Splash and became the first Superstar to pin Reigns in more than three-and-a-half years while also winning The Bloodline Civil War.