The night after the Royal Rumble has always been a fresh start of sorts. It begins the road to Wrestlemania. Jey Uso has been on a roll as of late and last night at the Royal Rumble made it no different. Jey spent over 50 minutes in the Rumble outlasting his own brother Jimmy. But who can forget that staredown between the two as Jey entered at number 1 and Jimmy entered at number 2. The staredown was bone chilling and it was ultimately Jimmy Uso who threw the first punch. Will we see this feud take off tonight? Paul Heyman gave Jimmy orders to go to Monday Night Raw and target an injured World champion? Will Jimmy Uso show up and what will Jey Uso do if he does?

To open up Monday Night Raw, we see Jey Uso arriving to the arena. His mind is set on one thing tonight and that is defeating the roadblock that is in his way in Bronson Reed. Jey understands this won’t be easy but he is on his journey to getting the gold.

“Main Event” Jey Uso vs. “Big” Bronson Reed

After they lock up, Reed pushes Jey toward the corner. Jey sidesteps a right hand and continues to hit him. When Jey reaches the ropes, Reed throws him to the ground. Before clubbing Jey, Reed strikes and headbutts him into the corner. Reed latches onto a clothesline with a short arm. Jey is pushed into the ropes by Reed. Reed gives him a whipped back, but Jey stops him with a sidestep while holding the ropes. Jey makes a suicide dive connection. Jey is swiftly shoved into the ring post by Reed, who then rushes, but Jey moves, and Reed strikes the post.

PIP: Reed recovers at ringside for a short while before entering the ring. Jey uses his right hand to rock him. Reed catches Jey with a back elbow as he comes around the rebound after he hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline. Reed makes a drop of his elbow. Reed clamps down on his neck. Jey strikes out at the large Australian. Reed gives him a swift headbutt to knock him back. Reed spends a few moments standing atop Jey. Jey is choking on the middle rope after Reed grabs him. Jey is hard-whipped into the other corner by Reed after he hits him. Jey is made fun of by Reed as he slams his face against the center turnbuckle. Reed locks in a rear chin lock after connecting with a running hip attack.

After returning from break, Jey squares up and throws fists. Reed places Jey on the apron as he attacks after Jey punches him into the corner. After giving him a back kick, Jey dives for a cross-body block from the top rope. 1… 2… Reed gives up. Jey uppercuts and kicks him. With lightning speed, Reed takes him out and sets off a senton bomb for two counts. Reed is enraged that Jey left. Jey twice gives Reed the finger by dodging a clothesline. Reed remains upright. The large man is knocked off his feet by a third superkick, and Jey receives a two-count. Reed stops Jey as he approaches the top rope. Reed tries to superplex Jey, but Jey knocks him to the ground with strikes. but Jey punches him down to the mat. Jey goes for an Uso Splash, but Reed moves. Reed connects with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall.

Jey is avalanched in the corner by Reed, who proceeds to the top rope. Reed goes for a Tunami, however Jey moves. Jey hits Reed with a superkick and connects with a Spear. Jey goes to the top rope and hits a Uso Splash for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: “Main Event” Jey Uso

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