Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns def. Jey Uso in Tribal Combat; Jimmy Uso assaulted his brother

With the Ula Fala on the line, Jey Uso brought the arsenal early, setting up a table in the no disqualification, no count-out Tribal Combat.Showing his dominance, Reigns fired the first shot by hitting Jey over and over with a Kendo stick.

With pent-up aggression, Jey laid into The Tribal Chief with vicious steel chair blows, even as Paul Heyman pleaded for him to stop.Reigns took back control after powerbombing Jey onto a litany of steel chairs laid out in the ring. Jey found a moment of reprieve after a desperate Samoan Drop that drove Reigns through the table at ringside.

Brandishing a leather strap, Jey brutally punished his cousin, laying into Reigns and searing his flesh with the hard leather. Jey’s retribution would not last, however, as his brother Solo Sikoa appeared to smash Jey through a table with the Spinning Solo.

As Reigns and Sikoa were about to hit their Spear/Spike combo, Jey moved out of the way, making Reigns hit Sikoa with the Spear instead! The hurt for Reigns continued as he argued with Sikoa, which allowed Jey to spear The Head of the Table through the ringside barricade.Just as Jey landed a death-defying Uso Splash from the top rope and appeared to be a three-count away from becoming champion, a masked individual pulled Jey out of the ring.

After revealing himself to be Jimmy Uso and staring daggers through his brother for several uncomfortable seconds, Jimmy blasted Jey with a vicious superkick. With the betrayal still fresh, Reigns exploded Jey through a table with a Spear to remain Tribal Chief and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.